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    I took a risk and bought the ‘Take On Helicopters’ bundle as it’s in the Steam sale and I’ve been getting to grips with opentrack. Unfortunately vorpX does not split the screen, which surprised me as it’s the same engine as ARMA.

    Ralf, if this could be looked at then that would be fantastic. Otherwise just wanted to warn others not to take the plunge yet.


    Arma engine based games need a profile to hook, for Take On Helicopters there is none currently.

    AFAIK the game is Arma II based, you could try to rename the .exe to arma2.exe or arma2oa.exe to trick vorpX into believing it is a known game. There are no guarantees that this will work, but it’s worth a try.

    Just be aware that most game specific fixes will not be available even if this trick basically works.


    Holy shit Ralf, renaming the .exe to ArmA2.exe totally works!

    I have only spent a couple of minutes in the game (crashing into the ground, mainly) and there is clearly a lot of tweaking to be done – but Opentrack is reading head movement and vorpX is giving not only stereoscopic view, but geometry mode.

    Please note: for Opentrack to work, you have to set:

    Options -> Game Options -> Freelook Interaction: Default On

    Things I need to sort out first:

    Headtracking sideways is way too oversensitive – look 90 degrees left or right and the view shifts almost 180 degrees to look behind. Up and down appears to be restricted so not really a problem at first sight.

    Haven’t toyed with the vorpX settings yet, I’m sure the view can be better.

    Also need to map the controls of my T Flight HOTAS X, but that’s obviously unrelated, just including it for completeness. And of course if someone else wants to help…

    That’s it for now – will spend more time playing with the settings but wanted to post ASAP as this is in the Steam sale. Others might want to invest less than £4 and help the community get yet another vorpX (and Opentrack) enabled experience.

    Thank you once again Ralf!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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