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    Hi, i have tried to make this game working with vorpx, ( it works ) , but the 3D reconstruction menu don’t even respond in this game : all options are inaccessible, so have you some hints to make it working again ?


    There is no profile for this game, so 3D doesn’t work out of the box. Since the game is from the makers of the Arma series, you may be able to get 3D working by making a copy of either the Arma 2 or Arma 3 profile in the config app and assigning the game to it. No guarantee that it will work, but worth a try.


    I am afraid that will not work since Take On Mars (TKOM) runs on the Carrier Command engine by Bohemia which is different from the Arma engines. A quick test based on the the Arma2 profile did not work in my case (only the horizon was working).

    I remember a Dev stating in a steam discussion that they will definitely not support Oculus/facebook because Oculus does not support DirectX9, which TKOM needs. There was no clear answer for the Vive. If there will be VR support for TKOM at all, we should expect it in the far future only. So, Vorpx is our only chance. I could do some tests over Xmas.

    (The game itself has finally a full Mark-Watney/”The Martian” campaign, that is very good and challenging! If you are a fan of the book or movie you should consider this game.)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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