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    Great news – Take On Mars runs in VR just fine with vorpX!

    This is the first short guide, after getting it running properly for the first time. Maybe there will be better ways in the future. Its fun, and its really playable.

    * First, you need vorpX installed and basic knowledge about it (vorpx.com). More important you need time and patience to get vorpx/TKOM running – its not plug-and-play.
    * Then create a new game profile based on ArmA 2 and set the tic box for “Keep games specific options” (>Local Profiles> button “create a new profile based on this one”… > ok)
    * Now you have to assign the TKOM.exe to this new profile (open/activate the new profile > Add-button> navigate to Steam…>Take on Mars>TKOM.exe. Finally apply this profile to vorpX >apply button).
    * Start the game and access the vorpX-ingame menu. The vorpx-menu is normally bound to the delete key.
    * Once the menu is open change the 3D mode: >Main setting> 3D-constructions > choose “Z-Adaptive”. That will change the weird split view in your VR-device to a proper playable perspective.
    * Change the graphic options depending on your GPU (see my settings below). Choose FOV 90 degrees. Because you are inside a space suite, a much wider angle would move you too deeply inside the helmet – does not look good.
    * Start a mission. And there you are on Mars in VR! Have fun!

    I run TKOM with a game resolution of 2556×1440 and medium/high graphic settings (HTC Vive, i5 6500, 8 GB RAM, Sapphire Nitro R 390 8GB GPU RAM).


    Additional tip when TKOM does not start directly into vorpX from your steam account …

    … start TKOM with a custom made desktop short cut:

    >right click on the vorpx icon in the quickstart menu
    >choose create “desktop short cut”
    >navigate to your TKOM.exe in the steam folder
    >start TKOM with that short cut (while vorpx is running)


    Just an update:

    Its now working even better with the Valve Index (I guess Vive Pro too). I play it in VR only. Yet VR means: you do feel more lonely and abandoned on this empty planet…

    There is still a small community keeping it alive with a recently created huge user-made campaign and a recent realism overhaul mod (very nice!, see steam workshop).

    Bare in mind:
    – It uses directx9, meaning its not working with oculus since oculus does not support it anymore.
    – The game is very special and not everyone taste. But I really like it. Its a “Mark Watney survives on Mars” simulation with realistic but sometimes clunky mechanics.
    – It requires time to learn the controls/ the concept before you should use it in vorpx

    Kranky Pantz

    I’ve just bought this game on the Humble Store for the $1 Tier.

    Talk about crazy timing or what!!!!!!!

    Looking forward to testing it out with vorpX.

    I wonder if “Take On Helicopters” also works (same game engine?), as that was also included in the Tier 1 the bundle.


    Yes, good find and good timing. Thanks.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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