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    Dr Ed Elcott

    I think they eyes are reversed!!! The far stuff seems nearer than the near stuff. Any way to flip this? I have the 3D Restructuring set to Geometry, 0.20, and it’s delightful, except the near/far flip.

    Also, it works like that in the Virtual Theater mode, where you can see the screen, and the seats with the guy sitting there holding a controller.

    If I turn OFF virtual Theater and jump into the actual game, when I tilt my head down, a giant black curtain starts sweeping through the screen, making everything go away! It all comes back if I tilt my head back up, but it really tends to affect the immersion. ;)

    It’s okay if I keep my head relatively level (which I think the Theater mode does for me, game-wise), but looking down, everything goes away.

    Win7, Rift CV1, GTX 980, on top of SteamVR, new fast system, loads of RAM, current vorpX. Any way to reverse the eyes while I wait for the giant black curtain to get ironed out? (Pun!)


    Dr Ed Elcott

    Should I email someone instead? :)


    The Talos Principle was made incompatible with vorpX by patches so many times that it finally was taken from the supported games list a month ago or so. I’m surprised it’s actually doing anything, last time I tried it just crashed. Once they stop making huge changes to their graphics engine, it will be looked into again, but for now consider it non-working until further notice.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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