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    The Talos principle is an officially supported game and it freezes on start up when vorpX is running

    That’s 0/3 game workings for me vorp. I will be requesting a refund shortly. This program is a scam.


    Sorry to hear that duke54. Yes, this soft is near scam but I have working Talos Principle with vorpx and better than native option, native option in unplayable due to judder in this moment.

    Perhaps if you post us more information about your vorpx setting could we help you….


    How is a program that works fine, updated and supported a scam? Oh wait your a little kid so if everything doesn’t work you throw an autistic internet tantrum just like all the other dumb people on here. Vorpx works great, if your not a moron. Ralf busts his ass and people only bitch and moan. Its not a scam, just because your used to stealing all your software doesn’t mean a guy charging 30 bucks for a program is ‘ripping’ you off. Not to mention its only 30 bucks anyway lol you just spent 300+ on a rift! Stupid people are taking over the world… its like a zombie outbreak but with stupid people… I’m sorry Ralf but its going to only get worse… btw I’ve used vorpx with over 50 games and over 1500 hours… if its a dollar an hour I owe ralf some skrill…


    @ gustavor38: This is your final warning. If you continue to troll here, you will get banned without further notice.

    @ karlor: I really appreciate what you are trying, but please don’t feed the troll. Answering insults with insults just makes things worse and is probably exactly what he wants.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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