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    Hello,although I have talked a little about this step on another topic for a specific game,I have decided to create this proposal,to ask if it is technically possible,or consult opinions about it. Open to any discussion :)

    It seems to be that we have some modern games that have a hard time getting narrower aspect ratios (some more than others) when it comes to better adapting to the headset screens and probably more games in the future continue these trends.
    (Elders scrolls online,Alien isolation,RE7 e.t.c.)

    I am thinking of a secondary solution for these cases,and I would like to know if it is technically possible,if it is feasible to enter it in the next update.
    In the aspect modes section of Vorpx internal menu, we have the options:
    Pixel 1:1, letterbox 1, letterbox 2, strech.

    I would like to know, if possible increase a little wider, the strech mode.
    Increase it a little but without turning it into a letterbox 1,but rather a value between these 2,or create a new mode between these two.
    I think this could help with some games and having one more option is always good.

    If there is any response from the developer on this subject, grateful.


    Except for the “Stretch” mode the aspect modes pretty much do the same as the “Image Zoom” option, so if you want to have more fine grained control over the image size, you can simply use the zoom instead of the presets.


    Mmm ok I’ll go for parts :)

    I use image zoom option next to the default values (aspect modes), but still it is not possible to get a problem-free result like the upper and lower black bands in spite of it.
    In addition, the Hud/GUI is out of sight,in z-buffer reconstruction,because there is no rescaling available in g3d.
    I am using Elder Scrolls Online to get this job.

    I remember that in the past,when the profile for Elder Scrolls Online,I had temporarily available G3D reconstruction, I was able to come to an agreement between rescaling hud/gui + pixel 1:1 option + value zoom option + FOV ingame increased + a bit extraFOV 3d enhancement Vorpx.

    -The result was almost perfect, but then we had the G3D profile … for this reason the creation of this thread, on the possibility of trying to improve at least the strech mode for greater utility and of course to take advantage of some other games.

    Fixing G3d back to this profile would be a great solution very playable in this case, on the other hand I think that a possible retouch of strech aspect mode could improve especially for cases with z buffer3d,that do not allow GUI rescaling, giving up 2 big black bands and difficulty of reading quest among other things on the sides.

    What do you think about it?


    Hi Ralf,
    is it possible to add an option for adjust the width and height of the screen separately ? For example , Alien isolation – the screen is too much zoomed. The only option at the moment is to zoom out, with the result that black bars appear above and below.


    I’ll consider it as a potential expert option. No promises though! There always are pros and cons to consider when adding new options. The main con in this case is that changing the width indepedently (obviously) changes the image aspect ratio, leading to unnatural proportions.


    Although we may be able to reach an agreement with one of these propositions, and end up getting an improved result,as far as possible.
    The comment above, by Benobi user, I find very interesting.

    Probably a good idea, do some testing with Oculus Cv1 and Elder Scrolls Online and Alien Isolation for this possible functionality.
    In any case,it is appreciated that you consider some option, although no promises are possible.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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