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    VRified Games

    dont adjust 3D FOV Enhancement, causes lighting issues. shaders have been altered to stop artifacting and lighting issues.

    turn shadow treatment off

    ingame menu, turn shadows to low, post processing to low

    Hasta La Vista Baby


    Would be a good profile but at least for me the weapon/hand models are separated way too much and makes the whole experience bad. I tried quickly to go through the shaders to either reduce the 3D effect or hide the gun completely but didn´t find a solution yet.

    Any other people tried playing T-Resistance with vorpx?


    Terminator Resistance was supposed to run in native VR with the extension of the -vr start option … Unfortunately that no longer works … and, as is currently the case with “Bright Memory: Infinite”, it worked very well via Oculus Quest2

    I tried the Vorpx profile from Terminator Resistance about 1 year ago … that unfortunately had a lot of lighting problems in 3D with flickering shadows … I’ve tried it again … it runs fantastic in FullVR with G3D on 2.0 and AMD sharpness filter on full … !!!

    Unfortunately the weapon cannot be seen … there is no other way, otherwise the G3D is only 2D …
    In any case, Direct VR Scan also works very well in FullVR mode … but has to be executed again with each new level or revival … the lighting problems have also disappeared … but also use the beta version 1.30 a.

    Yesterday I dived for 2.5 hours in FullVR with VorpX … it was a great experience!
    Another tip … only in FullVR you have the target crosshairs of VorpX … not in immersive mode!



    Thanks for the heads up on the recent beta. I gave it a shot, and here is what I came away with:
    – My specs: i7-8700, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070Ti with Valve Index (90Hz, Motion Smoothing On).
    – vorpX profile: the only G3D/positional profile in the vorpX cloud.
    – After doing a Direct VR scan while in FullVR mode, I was getting too much screen movement (e.g., nothing on the screen was staying in place when looking around). To resolve this, I had to make the following adjustments:
    = Had to use Letterbox 2 (Pixel 1:1 had screen movement and looked surprisingly flat; Letterbox 1 had better 3D but enough screen movement to be annoying).
    = Had to reduce Image Zoom to 0.77 to get the image to be completely stable. I think this screwed my sense of scale on how big I was relative to the environment.
    = 3D scale/strength was around 0.88. The more I increased it, the smaller the environment became, and I really felt like a giant in a small world.
    = Once I got a weapon, it was literally out in front of my face, partially obscuring my view. I had to physically step forward to put the gun out of my FOV. Zooming in with the weapon caused the screen to start moving again, so I stopped using zoom real quick.

    Your ae correct the game is more fun to play with vorpX, and had better 3D (i.e. you can tell there’s some 3D, but for myself, it is not ‘pop-out’ 3D.


    The developer recently added a new beta version 1.40. I haven’t tried it out yet to see what difference it makes with regards to vorpX performance.


    The patch 1.4 also works great with VorpX Direkt VR Scan … as well as the new DLC … great atmosphere in VR with fantastic 3D … !!!

    The weapon in front of the nose is excluded or hidden with Direct VR … unfortunately there is no other way to solve it … but the target crosshair is displayed … The 3D depth or the miniaturization effect can be set individually using the G3G scale … now I don’t have my value in my head … but the terminator world looks damn good in 3D VR … every time it was difficult to stop playing … this immersion was so awesome … !!!

    For perfection only a mod is missing that fades in the weapon and the body like with Luke Ross RDR 2 Mod … and of course hand controller support … then it feels like real VR … !!!

    But even as it is now … it is 1000 times better than playing in 2D Flat with one eye … !! * smile*

    VRified Games

    New video from Paradise Decay, showcasing this profile.

    But come on Devs….native VR….come on


    Thanks for the lean in trick for weapons, actually quite good vr experience with vorpx. But after first 3 chapters the lighting/shadows bugged out on me. When going to chapter 4. (factory) it starts. Chapter 4 only lasts a few moments but the problem persists in chapter 5 (hideout) and makes it unplayable for me.


    For now I disabled 3d for the hideout parts. Next chapter (6. Medical District) seems to work fine so Im hoping not actual “gameplay” missions are not a problem in the future.

    VRified Games

    Hi @Laser

    I jumped back into the game and I see the issues you are facing in the daylight

    This didn’t happen before, so I am assuming a game update messed with my shader profile

    I’ll see what I can do to improve it

    It was a damn good experience a year ago 😂

    VRified Games


    some improvements to shaders

    also, for performance and visuals you can adjust .ini files

    go to C:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\Local\Terminator\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

    find Engine.ini

    then open it with a text editor (for example Notepad).
    Then under the values that are already there make two line breaks and add this entire section:



    then go back to C:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\Local\Terminator\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

    find GameUserSettings.ini

    Open with notepad and change the following


    VRified Games


    The black bars you can see in the cut scenes can be turned off, but this will also turn off the HUD, so for that reason it’s switched on

    If you would like to try with this off and no HUD

    Make sure you have advanced settings on in vorpx

    Shader authoring enabled.

    Then in game hit the Ctrl + End

    Scroll down to active shaders
    Scroll right to no.2 and change it from “HUD” to “Don’t Render”


    Thanks for the profile update!
    For me it did not fix the lighting issue on hideout levels, other eye still renders some objects black. Maybe its then system related if it runs fine on your rig?

    VRified Games

    Laser something to try

    Switch API modes in vorpx

    I find steamvr API can be problematic at times

    Switching to oculus or openxr can help and yield better results

    For this profile I used Openxr

    Worth a try at least


    Nothing changed when I switched to steamvr from openxr, not that I would use that anyway because of the performance drop. But hideout levels aren´t a big deal if there aren´t many actual missions in later game when geometry doesn´t work properly.

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