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    Hi guys I’m new to vorpx and as these two are my favorite games I tried to get them working right away. I searched the forums and it wasn’t good news a lot of people only got them to work with no or barely any mods and support for fully modded versions just wasn’t there

    but I’m stubborn so umm yeh it actually works this is what I have/did I hope it helps anyone that wants to go back to these amazing games.

    (fallout 3 with fose and fully wanderer edition mods is on bottom of post)

    Morrowind rebirth (giant land mass/city/gameplay overhaul better then MOSG imho)
    Tamriel rebuild (giant main land added right of morrowind)
    Better Heads
    Better Armor
    Better Bodies
    XE Sky Variations (from MGEXE sky and weather mod)
    LGNPC (dialogue only version, large dialogue mod)
    Quick char (to skip intro)
    Merged Objects (merged list to make all armor/clothing mods work better)
    Morrowind Graphic Extender XE
    4gb patch
    Morrowind Code patch

    This all runs at 1600/1200 or 1440/1080 depending on your machine. FPS drop in seyda neen/balmora but are decent everywhere else
    Cinema mode close up to the screen 80-90% you can use vorpx controller or just go keyboard.

    Key to not getting the graphic glitch that makes everything grey/white. In MGEXE make sure you turn off the extenders FPS counter. This is the reason your graphics is glitching out. You can have the ingame engines fps counter (which will be bottom right) but any other fps counter will cause vorpx to glitch out into white/grey polygons.

    This is the same glitch you get after installing MOSG and I know that has an fps counter to so I’m sure that’s linked to the white/grey polygon screen glitch BUT I haven’t tested it on that cause I’m using rebirth. Rebirth changes more on the landmass then overhaul does so if rebirth is working you should be able to get overhaul working also.

    Assuming you get all the latest mod versions from nexus make sure FPS counter is disabled you can just run distant lands and use ALL SHADERS/reflections etc etc it looks amazing really and hooks without issues. Use MLOX for mod load order amd testool to merge lists if needed depending on your preferred mods.

    On MGEXEgui you can easily reproduce the graphic glitch by ticking/unticking the fps counter on the first tab.

    so I spend a ton of time getting all recommended mods to play on wanderer edition.

    Fallout 3 Wanderer Edition
    Marts mutants
    weapon mod kit
    project beauty (fallout redesigned)
    texture packs
    DarnUI interface
    blackened compatibility patch
    FOIP for weapon mod kit
    Expanded Unofficial patch
    4gb patch
    LOOT (mod load order)
    FO3Edit for making merged patch

    theres an extensive guide on wanderer and steam how to do a perfect new installation (theres to much steps) so you can just follow that. Make sure your using Fallout mod manager.

    Then after doing all that and making your merged lists and what not it plays but it wont hook unless you don’t use fose. Problem is your mods wont work without fose right?

    So make sure the game runs, try it out without vorpx.

    You can play with controller but youll miss a lot of keybinds for all the new gameplay additions so id go with keyboard mouse on this one.

    Once your game is running perfectly its time to get your VR on.

    go into your steam folder and rename your falloutlauncher to something else, like falloutlauncherbackup. Now rename your foselauncher to falloutlauncher.

    Now you can just launch the game from steam and it will use fose to launch BUT NOW IT HOOKS!!!!!

    if you need to change resolution or graphic settings you can do this in your fallout mod manager. I’m running at 1600/1200 with AA and every setting maxed, lower if needed.

    For me I prefer cinema mode over direct VR even tho direct vr works normal framerate seems fine but when you turn your head it stutters at times for me so I prefer just go cinema, its better for pipboy/interface/dialogue imho anyways.

    Theres 2 things for preference.
    There is no FOV slider in game but if you go to your documents/my games/fallout3 folder you can tweak the fallout.ini,

    under [display] find

    this lets you tweak first person FOV but also how close your PIP boy is to your face when you pull it up. This setting worked best for me but its all personal preference play around with it.

    On the pipboy the bottom 3 buttons click seem a bit off the mouse but clicking on the actual options in the pipboy seem fine.

    then I upped the FOVassist in vorpx by 0.5 (again personal preference) somehow felt the depth feel more right in megaton etc.

    Hope this helps anyone out there wanting to play these classics but maybe didn’t cause they couldn’t get it to work with mods!
    These 2 are definetly in my top 5 games of all times and I absolutely love replaying them in VR.


    Just to expand. I made a guide for New Vegas a few months back. It was before DirectVR, but I honestly always try to setup my games to run without, since it is kinda unstable in many games.
    My guide does have a lot of mod suggestions and fixes with or withou DirectVR:

    New Vegas in Vorpx looks and plays gloriously. Here is how to set it up.
    byu/tiggerdyret inoculus

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