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    Hello, im having trouble getting vorpx to detect my DK2. Im running 0.7 runtime and win 10. The demo and very few other games work. Wherever i go all the help is saying make sure its in extended mode but thats win 7 stuff. If anyone could provide some help, it would be much appreciated.


    It’s all in the forum. At the minute you are running the worse setup to use Vorpx

    Extended mode was taken out of 0.7 and Vorpx is not fully compatible with it either, that’s why they say stick with 0.6. Also it’s still better to use win7 until the next release and personally still use win7 till later on this year.

    Ralf did say he was hoping to release the new 0.9 Vorpx later this month that had lots of changes and more compatibility.

    Never jump ship till you know the new ship floats ;-)


    Haha, yea thing is I wasn’t even on the ship in the first place. I was that idiot kid who jumped on the broken ship :P Ill wait for 0.9 and if the situation hasn’t improved with it ill go back to win 7. Thanks!


    yepp, i got the same problem :(
    runtime 0.7 version running on my rig, older runtimes not compatible with my pc ( no hmd detected and same problems )
    so waiting for the update :)


    When you roll back to the 0.6 runtime, you may also have to go back to an earlier version of your graphics driver.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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