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    The Crew – G3D

    G3D added 1/2022 – cloud profile: The Crew (G3D) [dellrifter22]
    **for best FOV ratio compatible with this profile, create one of the following custom resolutions to apply in game:

    Performance: 1390×1440, 1668×1728
    Balanced: 2085×2160
    Quality: 2224×2304, 2780×2880

    Recommended game settings:
    -turn off Vsync and set max framerate to 60
    -turn off motion blur and depth of field
    -set shadows to Low and AA on FXAA
    -Geometry on High and Textures on High/Ultra

    *HUD and notifications can be turned off in game settings
    *vorpX Shadow Treatment can toggle off global illumination for a more realistic overcast lighting
    *try Immersive Screen if the fullVR mouse-based headtracking delay bothers you. Hood and bumper cams recommended for fullVR mode.
    *tested on HP Reverb with xbox one controller

    Unfortunately The Crew 2 forces an always online BattleEye anti-cheat that wont allow vorpX to work. Otherwise that would be a fun one to try too.


    crew2 uses the same engine?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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