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    Once bought on sale now this becomes a real gem.
    On one hand its funny. Its like a scifi b movie with the producer narrating here and there ( they have no money and fakin stuff) nice:)) On the other hand Im impressed. In real life this is at first glance a causual looking, isometric twinstick shooter, long forgotten, one out of many… never played this game seriously maybe 10 min. Well what should i tell, in Vorpx its a whole other world, as i first saw the tower in 3d gzus ! They put def. some money n time in this one .
    Im still at the first stage and found alot of diverse and obscure looking enemys.
    All created with scifi B movie setting in mind (bubble arm robots and such).
    Anyway really nice 3d ingame looking really sharp in 1440p but on my 1080gtx its a bit over the top struggeling around 30fps, for me its ok but 1080p gives a reasonable boost. I could squeeze out some FOV and 3d strenght is at maximum.
    !! But you have to turn off shadows, reflections, blur,and vsync also shaders set to DVD mode all in the game menu. !!
    Grab the jetpack and beat the tower yeah

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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