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    VRified Games

    Its unreal engine 4, Direct x 11

    But I cannot get 3d Geometry to work

    I have tried various UE4 profiles without luck

    Anyone have any luck with this?


    DX11 is only z3d in vorpx unless Ralf specifically goes deep and makes custom profile for a specific game.

    VRified Games

    I had been able to hook unsupported games using DX11 with other profiles in the past

    More often than not it worked

    Just haven’t found a compatible profile for this one unfortunately


    I plan to try this one out eventually. Is anyone hooking with the gamepass version?

    two profiles that have a high success rate for new games are The Hunter: Call of the Wild, and Unity 5 base profile (yes, even for Unreal 4 games).

    You could also try a few of these recent Unreal 4 games that I have set custom G3D definitions for on the cloud:

    Medieval Dynasty
    Ready or Not
    Ground Branch

    VRified Games

    Thank you for the top Delrifter:-) I’ll give those a shot

    Using the Epic store version myself

    VRified Games

    So I had some luck 😂

    The unity 5 profile did allow for very subtle 3d butany textures we’re broken

    But, I had better luck with the medieval dynesty profile you made

    Great infact,

    Just some issues with lighting and positional tracking is broken

    But I believe that profile is a good base



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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