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    Hello to all dinosaur Enthusiasts …
    especially 3D-VR … !!

    There was no VorpX profile for the game yet … then I used the Ark (G3D) profile for “The Isle” and what can I say … it worked … !! … (got that Isle profile uploaded to VorpX)

    The game runs in real geometric 3D, i.e. (G3D) and it just looks fantastic … !! … I have a lot of fun walking through the real 3D landscape as a dinosaur … Grass and trees that look like dinosaurs themselves in real 3D but much more real and lively … plus the very good soundscape and the huge world …
    For Jurassic Wold Evolution there is also a new VorpX profile with G3D …!

    Today I’ll try the Trespasser VR Mod …


    Have fun with 3D-VR


    Is there a single player mode for this game? I’ve wanted to try it, but I read that all of the servers run BattleEye anti cheat. How did you play this?


    Hello dellrifter,
    I tried different servers last night … empty and with a few players … everything worked very well …
    Could be that I uninstalled this anticheat in Steam … don’t know exactly because the day before I tried to get the game to run with Reshade Depht3D … which worked, but without any noteworthy 3D effect … against 0 …
    But at the same time I tried “Outriders-Demo” … to run … VorpX no chance … Reshade D3D also stayed flat … it could also be that this game had something with Anticheat … which I did then uninstalled it from Steam … don’t remember exactly … but maybe it has something to do with it …

    Good luck with testing … for me it worked with the Ark G3D profile …
    Unfortunately there is no single player but there are NPCs … if it didn’t look so great in 3D VR with the Pimax 8KX, I would have given it back …
    Just the great 3D
    Animations of the dinosaurs while sneaking and quickly running through the rich flora and fauna is worth the money …

    I had everything on low with my 2080Ti … still looked very good at 2880×1620 and smooth … I have to test 1440p with more graphic details …



    Hello ,
    Just wanted to report that The Isle with the Beta Evrima is not running with my Ark Profile.

    But thanks to “Dellrifter22″ his tip with the latest Unreal 4 Profile from …”Medieval Dynasty” in G3D!
    The crocodile looks fantastic in 3D VR !!

    All servers can be reached, so Anticheat does not prevent Vorpx from hocking itself.



    Nice! I picked this up in the sale and plan to try it out soon.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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