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    I made some changes to the Official profile in this video.


    Thanks for your video.

    I did my own tests** now (again a good year later) and as a result going to play the upcoming Episode 4 of The Long Dark in VR and see how far I get.

    (Make sure you have the newest GPU drivers or you ll get funny problems with missing textures on your right eye.)

    All problems have an expectable solution:

    – The indoor depth perception or sizes-issue is ok with some tweaks. Dont go for the the full VR mode but the “Immersive Screen”, use FOV 85, and use the vorpX-TLD-online-profile from the user “Owain Virgin”. With that profile I had the best body height and indoor size impression, but other profiles are close to it as well.
    Cutscenes can be seen on both eyes very normal when you switch the 3D/VR mode of vorpX from “3D geometry” to “z-normal” or alike* (quickly possible ingame).
    Aiming weapons and stuff is easy when you switch the 3D/VR mode of vorpX from “3D geometry” to ”z-normal” or alike* OR
    – aim with one eye closed and practise where to aim first. In the case of the hunting rifle the user vorpX-profile from “Owain Virgin” gave such a good reference spot on the weapon I could one-shot a deer on the very first attempt in “3D geometry” VR mode, but I expect some trouble/frustration with other weapons.

    **I tested HTC Vive Pro and HP reverb G2 and will go with the first for the much better black values. OLED displays give the impression of black empty space in front of you, whereas LCD displays brake that illusion with a greyish something in front of your eyes (despite being shaper). With a GTX 1080 (without Ti; Ryzen 5 3600) I run the game with 2560×1444, less is not good enough for me when it comes to distance.

    * The only real VR mode with depth perception is “3D geometry” (in The Long Dark). “z-normal” and “z-adaptive” create some 3D-effects in menu- and some object-interactions only but not for the landscape in rooms. They are almost the same as none VR (at least I do not see a difference): you will end up with a big cinema-like screen so close to you, you almost cannot see the edge. Because of the missing depth it strains the eyes (trying to see depth in the distance) but it makes cutscenes and weapon aiming as normal as on a big TV / cinema screen. (Via the delete-key one can switch the mode very quickly ingame.)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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