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    I am a fairly new VR/Vorpx user and have been loving the experience of trying out different games with this software.

    I was pretty curious to see GRIS getting G3D support with the new update since the game is a flat side-scroller. I hadn’t played the game prior but had it installed and thought to give it a go thinking the 3D would probably have minimal impact if any.

    You might want to adjust the screen to your liking at first.

    The G3D ends up giving the game a visually striking pop-up book effect that fits with the overall aesthetic so well you’d think the game was designed to be released in this format. The impression seemed different than the popping effect you would normally see with the Z3D in my opinion. I found it such a unique VR experience that I felt like it deserved a recommendation post as GRIS with Vorpx has been one of the most visually pleasing games I’ve run through my headset so far. Give it a try!


    3Rd person games in Cinema mode are pretty kick ass too.


    @ Nikolai: Beautiful, isn’t it? Although not really my cup of tea usually some of these sidescroller/platform games are really fascinating with added stereo 3d depth. Ori and the Blind Forest, Unravel or Inside are also great.

    All more than worth a try for everyone who likes to (maybe) be surprised by something they wouldn’t consider obvious vorpX candidates normally.


    I bought GRIS just to try this and I was not dissapointed! Amazing. Foreground and background layers aswell as some transparent layers works so well in VR.

    Are there any other 2D-games that work the same way as this?


    I just tried Seasons after Fall. It’s also a relaxing puzzle parallax side scroller with great drawn animations.
    There’s no official profile yet, but I created one based on GRIS (they both use Unity) and it works quite well. It’s published in cloud profiles so you can simply import it.


    Sonic generations is a favourite of mine. Not only does it pronounce the 2D, but there’s 3D in the game that pops out too.

    Giana Sisters twisted dreams is another good one.


    If you have a high resolution headset I recommend adding a custom resolution, depending on your monitor. 2560×1440 seems ok on a reverb G2.
    This is already part of the hints in vorpX and there’s also a tutorial in the configuration app. But I find it really improves the experience for games like GRIS because there’s lots of details and smooth shapes. Also your GPU has a better chance of being able to push the frame rates with this game.

    Just note that you need to change the actual resolution of your monitor before starting this game. Even in full screen the resolution option in GRIS does not seem to change the actual monitor resolution, it just renders at a lower resolution and upscales. So it does not show resolutions higher than the current resolution of the monitor it’s running on.


    This was a good game for me to play with vorpx since im still on the 1070 (damn gpu shortages) playing most of newer games with vorpx is doomed to fail. But since this is basicly 2D game you can easily run with higher resolutions without problems.

    Looks really nice with Reverb G2, gameplay is bit weak but the graphic style and music are done really well. And it was (allmost) free for me because it is included in the gamepass so it was fun experience for the short 3-4H duration.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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