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    I’m trying to play Outer Worlds(the original, not the Spacer’s Choice Edition) with Vorpx for the first time, but when it starts the default profile shows Z-normal mode, with no resolution option selection. When I enter in game, DirectVR fails everytime I try(with z-normal and g3d). I reset game, vorpx, pc with the same result. I thought this game could be played with G3D and Direct VR in all its glory :(
    Has anyone tried the game recently? Thank you in advance.

    I downloaded the original profile again from the cloud just in case, but without success. Tested with BETA 23.1.0 and regular 21.3.5

    I run with Windows 11 22H2 updated, i7 12700k, 32GB RAM, RTX 3090, HP REVERB G2

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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