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    @ralph couldnt resist installing it. Ther are two versions the original one and the redux.( better lightning and textures) So i renamed the original exe to udk.exe That lets me play in g3d. It looks fantastic. But how to deal with the redux exe. The exe is called “main.exe” .So just rename this to udk.exe as well?


    You shouldn’t have to do any .ini renaming for the original Ethan Carter, the game has a dedicated profile that will work a lot better than using the generic UE3 profile. IIRC it even has DirectVR memory scan head tracking, using mouse based tracking is quite laggy in this game.

    Not sure about the Redux version, never tried it. Just use the original, highly doubtful that you will notice any difference in regard to texture resolution anyway in a VR headset unless you stand directly in front of a wall/tree/whatever.


    So got it to work. The redux version has a console which needs to be renamed to udk.exe. The game is incredible, wish all games would have this graphics. There is site that shows some usefull console comands like free cam and a few settings that are similar to sweetfx .


    There is native support for VR for the redux version offered as DLC for $9.99.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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