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    Just wondering if anyone has working settings for this game that may give me a good base to work out my settings from?

    I have got it working in cinema mode so far.


    I have just found my “sweet spot” for this game with my set (HTC Vive + GTX 1080)
    I have share the custom profil ont the Vorpx base online

    For that i use with this,
    – Multi Sampling by SteamVR at 1.5
    – Edit the settings.json file in my documents :
    and set theses options to :
    “DisplayFullscreen”: 0,
    “DisplayWidth”: 1600,
    “DisplayHeight”: 1600,
    “DisplayRefreshRate”: 0,
    “DisplayVSync”: 0,
    “GameFOV”: 100,

    In vorpx profile, i have set a sharpen filter on the video because without that, we were “too close”, and blurred the game


    I update this tread with last video i make and some better setting
    – Nvidia GTX 1080 Card
    – Resolution used: 2715 x 1697 (native resolution doubled by Nvidia DSR)
    – No other SuperSampling (like SteamVR)
    – FOV : 95 (suitable for 16/10 set to 100 for 4/3)
    – Additional vorpx sharpen filter at 1.60
    – Vsync: Off
    – SSAO: 0

    Sorry, it’s in French in the text;) … but the key is that it works


    I made a second video on this subject, where you can see ingame, the Vorpx settings menu.
    And it’s in Stand up mode, almost a “Roomscale” mode ;)

    It’s in french, but it’s subtitled


    anyone tried it with new vorpx?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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