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    I finally figured out G3D for the original theHunter game. Call of the Wild is a beautiful game in vorpX for sure, but I still prefer the “hunt” and animal behaviors better in Classic. For anyone else still playing this version, give this new 3D profile a shot. Game is free by the way.

    theHunter Classic (G3D)

    Apart from the water not looking quit right, G3D here is near flawless. Yes even shadows are correct, and it makes the scenery look beautiful.

    The only real downside now is that FOV in game is limited so letterbox black bars are necessary. Forcing vorpX FOV Enhancement begins to separate distant terrain in an undesirable manner, so it could not be used effectively. In my experience however, a few minutes of playing and your mind can adjust to and ignore the bars.

    – use a 16:9 resolution (2560×1440) for best FOV

    At this resolution I am able to play with High settings on a 2080ti, but you may need to lower settings and to 1080p if you get stutter while looking around.

    Remember to use the Free Look hotkey for better looking around with headtracking. You can also enable Positional Tracking in vorpX menu temporarily for fun with looking at animals and weapons up close. Remember to reset your view after for accurate aiming.

    Adjusting the HUD settings from how they are set is not recommended, as it may affect the appearance and accuracy of scopes.

    vorpX G3D Shadow Treatment can toggle off the red tracks and animal outlines if you prefer.

    Animal scale may look a bit large up close relative to your hand and weapon models, but you can increase 3D strength to “shrink” the animals if you prefer. Note that this will also shrink your weapons though as well.

    I haven’t tested all weapons and reserves yet, but I think most should look fine. Enjoy.

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