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    Cinema Mode

    That addition of the model that looks like you holding a controller.

    At first I thought It was nice to have that, but then realized later on that if you happen to move your own body in the real world, your position with the virtual one is out of sync. And yeah you could press alt + space to fix that, however it isn’t 100%. I have seen it where the body of the virtual character is right up there next to my face, like the character has no neck.

    Honestly I have seen the cinema mode of virtual desktop, and there was no virtual body, and that worked pretty well. And the comfy looking leather chairs in the virtual desktop cinema mode look nicer too.

    I think the screen that vorpX offers in their cinema mode beats the cinema mode of virtual desktop, because traditional cinema screens are catering to a pile of people, and you really want to have your own personal cinema screen more personal. VorpX got it right on that one.

    The issue that has been raised before on these forums according to a google search is, there is no hotkey to swap between cinema mode and virtual reality mode. YOU NEED TO HAVE A HOTKEY TO SWAP THIS because many games out there have NPC dialog and icons on the side, or chat boxes that are out of reach, or party menus that are off to the side. You cannot always drag these things to the middle of the screen. And thus because of the developer of the game’s lack of foresight on customizable UI, the other option is to have the ability to quickly zoom out and back in.

    Well sure, there is to an extent, a way to zoom out inside VR, but it’s not 100%, and most of the time is not able to do the job. That is shift + mousewheel. It doesn’t always work to the desired result to see everything. Others have already asked for this feature to switch between cinema mode and virtual reality mode. What is the problem with a hotkey developers?

    Other than this, the platform that vorpX is, is a very nice one that makes games that were otherwise just 3D on a screen, now more personal with virtual reality. Games such as Guild Wars 2 become a new game when played in VR. Areas that were old and already been seen at least a thousand times, becomes a new experience when putting on the VR headset.

    Thanks for reading. :)


    A hotkey for switching to a cinema like view already exists exactly for the purpose you mention. This is called EdgePeek in vorpX and can be accessed by pressing the mousewheel per default. You can change the hotkey to something else in the config app.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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