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    Not sure how this works but when posting this, there was a message about it being spam and it hasnt posted so trying it here. Will delete if first one posts.

    I’m trying to play red dead with index goggles and KB/M.
    Game runs fine without Vorpx but when I play with it hooked, it overides my keyboard bindings.
    Mainly WASD is the issue, it forces tank control on the horse no matter the perspective I have enabled. No matter the camera control relativity I have enabled in game too.

    What’s worse, is it that still persists after I dismount and go on foot. Though at this point its not really tank controls anymore, but instead all 4 WASD keys make me go forward. ASD however seems like its using its respective ASD together with W, as if when I press A its like the game is fighting over A and W. If I press S its fighting between S and W and W always wins, and I always go forward.

    In addition I think certain keys Iv rebound seem to also have the new AND old bound action.

    What is the extra overlay of button function and how do I remove it?

    I disable the vorpx from changing setting both in vorpx game menu as well as the Windows Vorpx Control app and nothing has changed. Iv defaulted the in game buttons, set everything to horse relative movement. What else? this is currently unplayable.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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