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    Like the title,

    Wondering how Skyrim SE may fare with vorpx. Something like Fallout 4? I’ve read there will be a converter for mods (that don’t use skse…)

    Thinking if this works well october could be fun.

    Free upgrade on steam if you have all the dlc..


    What are the differences between how Vorpx works with FO4 and SKyrim now?
    I haven’t played FO4 for some time, waiting for the last patches to be released so the mods can stabilize and stop breaking after updates. And if there are differences between how Vorpx works with the 2 games I’m really curious what they are.

    For Skyrim RE it will take at least several months before it is playable the way the current version is, if ever. The SKSE team has already said they will work on updating SKSE, but for now things don’t look so bright about SkyUI. And no SkyUI means two bad things – first you need to play the whole game with the (not-so-good) console-oriented vanilla UI of the game. And also SkyUI is needed for MCM – the mod configuration menu, so any mod that has in-game settings will not work without it. And for now it seems nobody is willing to update SkyUI.


    My opinion only so FWIW applies:

    Fallout 4 looks and works much better than Skyrim, so since the remaster is basically Fallout 4 with a new skin over it, I think at least as far as VorpX/VR is concerned, it too will be a better experience overall.

    Thats not to say that Sky looks anything less than spectacular once you get it tweaked now, because it is awesome defined. But with Fallout 4, you are already starting off several steps ahead of where you start with Skyrim (legacy/current) to begin with. DX11, full VRAM/memory access, better models and base textures, better draw distances/cell changes, better shaders/rendered (and it shows) etc.

    There are sure to be some problems concerning modding… SkyUI being the big one. Hopefully someone carries on their work. The one good thing is that the remaster and legacy versions will be separate installs so we can always keep playing and tweaking the older version as well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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