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    I guess I’m as close to a VR pioneer as it comes. I’ve been experiencing 3D and VR for about 20 years now. My first HMD, which I still have and use, is a Emagin Z800. I’ve had the DK’s 1 and 2 and now the Oculus CV1 with touch. I’ve used VorpX for about a year now. Still surprising how some older games are so great in VR and some are still better just playing in 3D on my DLP projector. In my opinion, great games that are also great in VorpX VR, are few and far between. The ones that are real gems make it all worth while because they have so much more content and replay ability. A few games that are like that for me are. F.E.A.R. and the old opengl game Star Trek Elite force. Was a delightful surprise to get Elite Force to work, I have all the community mods for that game, and have been playing it in VR for many years on my old system. Crazy how that game is so wonderful in VR, the 3D is perfect and fully supported. There are so many games from back then that are better VR experiences than a lot of the made for VR games today. Many of those games are earlier versions of Direct X and not supported by the VorpX driver. Would be great to get support for older direct X games. I would even purchase as an in app add on. Another great in app purchase would be voice recognition with programmable keystroke replacement ability. For my old set-up I use my Microsoft Game Voice. Would be great to have a modern equivalent to that.


    I totally agree about existing older games use with vorpx vr…the ones that work at least. Totally breathes new life into each of those games…and seeing them on a 3D level that simulates what we see for real makes it all the more worth experiencing.

    Check out ‘Voice Attack’…it’s on steam and also available as a separate download for those who don’t want to use steam. It does everything you are asking and more. Also, check out the assortment of voice packs that are available through ‘’ for various games and other things. I use ‘Astra’ voice pack with ‘Voice Attack’ when I play Elite Dangerous in VR. Doing that makes playing ED almost like Star Trek NG…having conversations with Astra during a jump or long space flight is quite fun. Things have to be set up properly to enjoy using conversation, but one it’s done, it’s quite flawless.



    Older games indeed often look surprisingly good. I think an important factor in this is that the less detailed 3D-graphics of older titles work well with the relatively low resolution of current headset displays. At the moment support for older DirectX versions isn’t a priority, but I won’t rule that out for the future either.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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