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    Is there any chance we could get Tilt Five support??

    VorpX would be a perfect fit for the device.

    The Tilt Five is awesome but at present it’s lacking software. VorpX would greatly increase it’s software library & in turn Tilt Five could bring in a whole new customer base for yourselves.

    I see you’ve added support for 3D tv’s which is great & I’m guessing the Tilt Five would function in the same way (albeit I’m guessing it would take some work software development time).

    Tilt Five has finally moved beyond the Kickstarter phase of shipping, so people can start ordering it now & I’m hoping this spurs on lots of interesting software development.

    So pretty please Ralf, as an early purchaser of VorpX, I beg of you, please bestow upon us lowely Tilt Fivers, your bountiful gift.

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