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    Hello Ralf!

    I’m pretty sure you get asked this often but… I haven’t seen (or being able to find on the forums) you answering to this question post 2017, so I’m going to here!

    But, since I know how annoying this kinds of questions are, specifically because they kind of force you to commit to features and timetables that in the end will just stress and constrict you and your creativity… I want to frame it a bit differently in a way that will allow you to answer without committing to anything really, but that probably will give us a very general idea as to what to expect.

    What is your Wishlist of features/things VorpX will do in the future?


    Great question. It awakened my curiosity as well.


    My wishlist? Mmmmmh, let me think… well… It’s fairly short: that would probably be a feature that adds all subsequent features automatically. :)

    Seriously, what I can tell you is what the main addition in the next update will be. That isn‘t too far off anyway: a gesture system that let‘s you use motion controllers in more immersive ways than just pressing buttons.

    Probably not of interest for everyone, I know, but those who like to play with VR controllers will have something new to tinker with. Originally just developed as a game specific thing for Cyberpunk, it has grown into a fully configurable system on its own over the past few weeks that let‘s you bind pre-made gestures to any game action.

    While most useful in the context of more in-depth mods like Cyberpunk where I can swap gesture sets based on game context, that should also be fun in some other games, e.g. it will be possible to bind an aiming down sights gesture and grenade throwing in shooters, steering in racing games etc. Not full motion controls by any means, but it’s quite surprising how much a little bit of extra involvement can add to the overall experience, even in cinema mode or when playing seated. All completely optional, of course. Noone will be forced to use it.

    I‘ll update most official profiles where that makes sense over time, but you will be able to tinker with it right away with the next update. The config UI is still missing currently, will probably look similar to the controller/gamepad binding UI, so more or less self explanatory.


    Thanks for answering Ralf, it means a lot! :D

    And I see! That does seem like an interesting feature to have around! Those games that use it will definitely benefit from it, I can totally see the appeal. Also, if it can be configured for desktop viewer, I’m sure many people will find handy ways of using them there too!

    We should look up into that feature that automatically adds all subsequent features automatically though. What is the worst it could happen? A killer AI that ends humanity? Pshhh



    That will cause a sensation ! You will transform all games with official vorpx profiles, to full hybrid games !

    I hope the profiles of upcoming games will be released in early beta with a support of Xbox Controller only ?


    Sounds cool. To combat the issue where there just isn’t as many buttons on vr control as there is on a xbox gamepad.

    I was thinking that you could make certain poses act as shift states for keybindings


    Example 1 – Left controller over shoulder behind back then pushing the grip button could switch weapons

    Example 2 – Left controller over shoulder then pushing the joystick up and down could act as mousewheel up/down

    This would probably be hard core and would require a separate pose binder utility to configure
    Example 3 – Rotate left hand 90 degrees to the right could change the functionality of the joystick to be a dpad.

    Example 4 – aiming the controller down to the floor could press R key, (which is usually bound to reload) which would make it feel like you were playing time crisis.

    This could be powerful , but would probably require a separate binding utility program to do. Kind of like https://github.com/BOLL7708/OpenVR2Key


    vorpX already has a far more powerful key/button binding system that doesn‘t rely on a specific VR API. It’s an internal abstraction layer that handles all three VR APIs and all major motion controller types. Quite nifty if I may say so. ;) Fully configurable and with in-game visualization.

    It’s used for the current VR controller support and now also for the gesture system. Each gesture can be bound to a gamepad axis/button, a key, or a mouse axis/button. Pretty much all you could wish for.

    For the time being the available gestures are more obvious ones like driving or fighting related stuff, but in principle more ‚arcane‘ ones (for the lack of a better word) are thinkable too in the future, of course.

    BTW: Motion controllers already can do full gamepad emulation including a d-pad perfectly well without a gesture. In both gamepad and kb/mouse mode there are two mapping sets which can be switched by holding the left grip button. The one aptly labeled ‚Map Shift‘ in the overlay. :)

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