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    Timeshift (G3D)

    With the right settings this is an exiting shooter.


    – You must do the following settings, otherwise FOV will be poor and your gun will look messed up when gaining 3D Strength. The settings below will move your gun out of sight so you can gain 3D Strength up to max if you like.

    – Locate: user.ini in your game folder and change 3 settings to the values below
    FOV = 110.00000
    WPN_FOV = 20.00000
    Menu_FOV = 110.00000

    Note: If you chance FOV, also change Menu_FOV to the same value.
    WPN_FOV=20 makes your gun only slightly visible to your right, if you change FOV, you may need to change this value too.

    This is a very old profile, with the new shader tool you may be able to adjust the gun in an alternate way.

    – get the profile from the cloud<br>



    Is this still working? While I can choose G3D, the image looks flat (also for other non G3D methods), even if I try to increase the 3d effect.

    Am I missing something? I am using the GOG version with a patch applied (TimeShift Fix for Startup Crash with > 8 Thread CPU 1.0.2).



    Update May 2021 (Retail Version)

    The original profile doesnt work with vorpX
    I have uploaded an alternate profile, 99% fixed. No more fiddeling around with settings exept FOV as described above. If you are playing in Cinema Mode the game FOV slider values are sufficient.

    Note: Smoke is 2D only and cant be fixed.

    – Gunsight fixed
    – Full VR with Headtracking
    – Cinema Mode on Default
    – Profile available at the cloud



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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