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    Trying to get Wonderlands running on vorpX

    HP Reverb G2 (windoes mixed reality)

    I have a profile – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands [ParadiseDecay]

    I launch the game and it launches in VR as it should gets to the title screen and that’s it. It doesn’t log in my profile and never brings up the menu. Pushing buttons other than home to quit does nothing.

    (side not screen is slightly crooked and off center not sure if fix for this but haven’t gotten that far yet due to my main issue of it not working at all)

    I then get a pop up where epic is asking permission. I allow permission and launch the game again. Now it loads up but flat on the VR desktop screen not in full 3d.

    I can repeat this process (aka it keeps switching between these two outcomes) indefinitely.

    I fully understand by starting with a custom profile/game I may have set myself up for failure but nonetheless this is the game I really want to get working.


    In case not clear when it loads flat on the VR desktop screen it works perfectly it’s just not 3d

    VRified Games

    When you allow epic permission

    Go back to your desktop alt+tab and you should see a browser window has opened

    Just click allow again n that new window and alt tab back into tiny Tina

    For the off center thing, bring up your vorpx menu and click recenter

    It also sounds like you have “edge peek” brought up “its in VR but flat” just toggle edge peek again to get back in full VR

    Hope this all helps, if you need further assistance the community is always here buddy.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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