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    Greetings! I just received my DK2 yesterday, I’m VERY impressed with Vorpx so far. A few minutes in Skyrim last night (really easy to get going once I had my IPD sorted), and it seems better than native support in Halflife. Amazing!

    Anyways, I spent have the evening fiddling with windows on shifting display and spent some time finding better ways. I thought I’d share.

    Some tips:

    You can quickly move an active window to another montitor with Win+Shift+Left/right arrow.

    You can also hover over the taskbar icon until the apps preview pops up, right click on the preview and select ‘move’, then tap an arrow key and the window will be locked to the cursor, dag it where you want.

    Check out this app: , the instuctions are on that site, but the download link is broken – google for it and find a safe site to grab it from. IT will allow you to set up a hotkey to quick switch which is your primary monitor.

    I’d love to hear any other tricks that people are using.


    I use Bilago’s VR launcher to force the Rift as primary when you launch the game. When you shutdown the game the primary switches back to your monitor. I find it a BIG help :)


    Sweet, I’ll check that out!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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