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    Is the GFX driver having any impact on Framerate?

    I started going with Texture filtering set to Performance or even High Performance since I think the tradeoff in quality is minimal in moving frames.
    Easy to see the difference in screenshots but I usually move my avatar when I am in a game :P

    Well, I’m kinda eyeing the Titan now, with an EK fullsize waterblock to go with it. We’ll see, still holding off gaming for a while.



    I cant say 100% but it ‘seems’ like the current drivers (2nd released so far for the XP… are a little more clock stable. Not a lot of difference if any, though I expect they will end up about 10FPS better across the board by the time the next king of cards takes the throne. That GPU Boost3 is so different than the old way of clawing more performance that there can’t help but be huge improvements once people sort it out.

    There’s a definite FPS/smoothness improvement to going the perf vs. ultra/highest route in the filtering, AA ect. It’s subjective of course but I think there’s enough of a difference to chase the higher quality. With that said, the Perf versions are still very, very good and I’d not be massively upset if ‘forced’ to play at them (First world problems indeed!


    Well, since there was free-shipping on the Rift I just ordered one.

    I’ll get the Titan and EK-waterblock when I get around overhauling my apartment (looks like a electricians workshop, and messy at that).

    I would say that it was your thread right here that made me make the decision to get the Rift and not wait; you’ve given food for thought and showned what to expect when things are setup properly.

    I’m still a bit ‘worrie’ about the resolution but it seems we are allready pushing the limit on FPS with top notch hardware so higher rez might not even be playable.

    Fun times ahead :)


    Actually I made the whole thing up…

    Just kidding!

    It is phenomenal how far that Titan went beyond my old Crossfire setup. 390s in tandem are damn powerful but Good God…The TXP is just monsterous.

    I am sorely tempted to do another reload just to see how Skyrim would look/run stock at the 1920 rez for the hell of it but I have things pretty stable now and don’t want to tempt fate. Same reason I havent installed Enderal.

    Without going to an SLI setup, I am out of ideas to get any more performance out of my rig or Skyrim in VR. More efficient/newer versions of VorpX might help some whenever it comes out but the real limit as far as I can tell is Skyrim’s DX9/Gamebyro hybrid coding. The CPU/Draw calls need more raw MHZ to overcome.

    The Remaster coming late October should help a lot because of the inherently better performance of DX11 by comparison, but I am now researching Kaby Lake pretty heavily regardless just in case. Skylake will supposedly hit over 4.8 on water pretty easily and with 2 full generations of improved IPC over Haswell, that will be most likely be my next upgrade. Sabertooth Z170 (I love the Sabertooth line), 7700K on water clocked as high as water will get it, and 3000mhz DDR4.


    Right. Saw your post on Nvidas forum or was it Overclockers.

    Well, I got my Titan Pascal and I put in an order for EK-waterblock that will arrive in about 2 weeks.

    From what I’ve gathered from reading reviews and tests (with and without water) it seems that 1.It is bound by the power it can draw (about 300W if one is generous) and 2. Problem with heat, that water will alliviate.

    Overclocking the GPU first hand then push the memory, since you don’t want to starve the gpu of power funneling it off to the memory (give less fps raising mem).

    I can’t test anything since VorpX wont accept my registry number. Bought it last week before getting my Titan but it just wont start the license. Bugger it all :(

    And it looks like I lost a memory channel on my cpu, will try and reseat it sometime in the future but I don’t have high hopes…

    Well, I guess I will just play Elite.

    And yeah, was somewhat dissapointed in the resultion – it is both better and worse than I imagned. Better becasuse it is more than I expected, worse because at the end of the day I want more pixels :)



    Just email Ralf, I’m sure hell get it sorted asap.

    I STILL can’t get elite running on my rig. I gave up trying. First it was a dll thing then I forget what else. Havent touched it in a month. Looks awesome though.

    There’s another thread on Tech Support you might find interesting

    Ralf – Multicore affinity question

    I got Skyrim Performance monitor working right. It’s not draw calls, CPU bind or ‘technically’ Skyrim’s code. Turns out, it’s the DX9 win 10 ram limit. I finally got accurate data (theres a screen grab). Add VorpX to Skyrim and it inhales the memory. the result looks exactly like a draw call problem. Instant stutterfest at 18FPS.


    @Fredthehound, now when 64Bit Skyrim Special Edition is out, can you please do a similar write up, at least the short version to see how Skyrim SE runs for you on VORPx. I got 1080, 32GB RAM and i5 6000 CPU, will be trying tonight probably to put SE on Vorpx, not sure what I’ll get, but considering it’s 64Bit and don’t need performance hogging mods any longer, hopefully the frames will be ok.


    Sure will!

    I am currently having an issue with the old Sky/Fallout/VorpX where it is displaying really screwy that I have to sort out today. I’ll give SkySE a go to see whats up.

    Generally I was gonna wait till the new VorpX comes out to do a full writeup since there’s no sense in reinventing the wheel but I’ll certainly do a general as soon as I get my issues sorted.

    Last night I spent the evening running around SSE on a monitor/180P/DSR to 4K and with afterburner up\\open. What I can tell you right now is that on my system, SSE uses ALL the cores REALLY well, It uses memory really well, It is 1000 times smoother, there is far less pop in and in several hours I only noticed a couple cell changes.

    There are still some issues like sharp edges on the water in certain light but speaking of light, it is SPECTACULAR. It will eliminate the absolute ‘need’ for a bunch of mods.

    But generally I’ll post SOMETHING to a new thread within a day or two for sure. Sooner if I get the VorpX thing sorted. (it looks like a resolution mismatch with VorpX trying to display one rez and the game itself a smaller rez so the game is shifted to the top right of the screen surrounded right and bottom by horizontally scanning lines. Not sure how I accomplished that one but I did something to cause it.

    Ralf? Any ideas?


    Hello Fredthehound
    First, thanks for all the info collected in this thread.
    I just did my first test with enb injector with success for the first time with Vorpx.
    I am using windows 10/I7 overclocked about 4,200ghz,gtx 1080/8gb ram,
    (Waiting for a new pc with i7 6700k, 16ram e.t.c. … by the end of this month).
    but I have some doubts about this.

    Find a steam thread from late 2014, where a user specifies that the maximum value allowed for enblocal.ini is 10,210 even after exceeding this value.
    VideoMemorySizeMb =
    This user has commented, that admits no greater value.
    Are there any changes in this, at some point during these two years?now admits a higher value?

    Apart from the memory arrangements.
    Got to try some preset-enb of the nexus website with success,without draining too many fps?

    I am still very hesitant,if using enb injector only for memory arrays,
    and on which texture packets to try,without affecting the performance too much.

    For the moment,I’m still with the Skyrim dx9 version.


    “Are there any changes in this, at some point during these two years?now admits a higher value?”

    Not that I know of.

    On the EMBoost, don’t fear it, EMBRACE IT!! It is the single best thing you can do for Skyrim.


    This injector doesn’t really provide any memory boost for SKYRIM SE, correct?

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