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    Titan Quest Anniversary Edition (DX9) (G3D)

    – Start game in DX9 mode
    – Rightclick game in steam library, choose DX9
    – Enable Windowed mode to enter custom resolutions
    – Monitor screen size must match game resolution
    – This profily may work with the retail game as well
    – Profile available at the cloud


    Update April 4 2020

    The latest Steam-Update from late 2019 starts TQ.exe with DX11 by default. You either need to make a short cut with /dx9 at the end or run the game from steam with DX9 (rightclick game – > start with DX9).

    The Profile has been tested with Ragnarok, but Ragnarok will receive a seperate profile, possibly DX11 lateron.


    Awesome Camera Rotation Mod for The Anniversary Edition
    Makes the game 3rd Person
    Camera freely adjustable


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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