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    Titan Quest Ragnarok (G3D)

    Thanks to moarveer for donating this game !

    The game requires “Titan Quest Anniversary Edition”. It looks like the DX9 engine hasnt been changed with the latest 2019 update, so i decided not to write a DX11 profile, besides the DX9 one is just perfect.

    Note: This (improved) profile is recommended for the Original Titan Quest game es well.

    – Use Profile: Titan Quest Anniversary Edition (DX9)
    – Start game with Shortcut adding: /dx9 or though steam (DX9)
    – Optimized for cinema modes
    – Profile available at the cloud


    Updated Info apr 8 2020

    The Anniversary Edition has a F* bug where location names are not displayed when choosing a large UI in DX9 Mode. Against this a medium UI setting can be used at lower resolutions.

    This is the maximum resolution where you can use a -medium- size UI.

    height width
    2600 anything

    This way you are able to adjust screen width as you like. I got good results with a relatively crisp image at 2600×1920.

    Dont forget to create a custom resolution and switch your monitor to it first before starting the game.

    If anyone has a solution for “large UI” on higher resolutions in DX9 mode as mentioned above please drop me an email (blue button below).



    Width Height
    2600 anything

    Width > 2600 -small- UI
    Width < 2600 -medium- UI
    -Large- UI only on relatively low resolutions

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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