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    Ralf is constantly providing us with new gifts and features over and over FOR FREE.

    How about we make him a little present in return by powereing up the inofficial gamelist up to 1000 ? Lets make a 1000 happen in 2021 !

    The list is beeing visited daily by hundrets of people, how nice would VorpX “inofficially supports more then 1000 games” sound like spread across reddit,steam and all the other places? BTW: I am pretty much shure that we could hit the 1000 within days, the list already counts 949 and the cloud is packed with new profiles from unknown authors.

    Its so easy, just submit an SBS Screenshot of the game that you have fixed to the list (right top corner, “Make submission”)
    Little sidenote: Each new entry also makes the engine checker better, dont forget !

    Litte Backgound why i cant perform all that on my own:
    I am very well aware that there a way more profiles in the cloud then on the inofficial list and i kept beeing asked why i wouldnt add them.The answer is easy, 1- i own thousands of games , but its impossible for me to own every game. 2- I am busy enough with my own profile requests and i simply dont have the time to manually verify hundrets of profiles just to see if one is 3D or not (too many are NOT!). 3- We want a clean list, so adding games without proof wouldnt make sense. Too many profiles are not even 3D.

    The easiest way is simply to take a SBS Screenshot and submit it to the list.
    Here is a little how to: (easiest and fastest way)
    1- Switch VorpX over to “Generic Display”, start game and Press “Print”
    2- Click Windows->Start, enter: Mspaint
    3- When Mspaint is open press STRG+V
    4- Save SBS Image as .jpg
    5- Submit picture

    Please remember: Its not only me benefitting from the List, its mainly YOU benefitting from it!


    just two questions. can you post the link of the games list?
    then I did not understand, you have to send only games that support the g3d?


    You find the link above in the middle of my post and below “Inofficial List” or click here -> . You can submit G3D/Z3D profile screenshots. 2D doesnt make much sense because 2D works already with most games.


    obviously. i meant z3d or g3d, not 2d. because once I submitted a review and you rejected it because it was only in z3d.


    That’s a fun idea.

    I have less time with the holidays approaching, but I’ll update a few if I can. I need to find more patience to make screenshots :)


    Trusted authors dont really need to deal with screenshots, would be nice though ;-) Happy holidays !


    Hi, thanks for all your great work. Hopefully I can contribute a little. I’ll upload my profiles soon and double check. Made some brief notes on certain titles I’ve tested but some were from cloud most were not.

    Here is a rough list I started compiling a few months back but will have more time later in the week to hopefully finish it and publish profiles to cloud that are not there and take screenshots. A few were user profiles but most were not already up there when first tested, will double check. Some like Grime demo etc I tested before Paradise Decay awesome video covering the full release :D

    *Battletoads – G3d
    *Cris Tales g3d corrupt on videos though try different profile
    *Blooodroots works excellent G3d
    *Haak nothing first attempt
    *Naruto To Boruto shinobi pretty good g3d smooth
    *Attack on Titan 2 g3d not very strong bad perfromance – from cloud profile
    *Incision FPS full g3d great
    *Tunche G3d
    *Fallen Knight G3d
    *Forgive me Father early access – G3d but some weird flickering/artifects
    *Fallen Knight – G3d
    *Deaths Door very very subtle 3d with G3d
    *Icey works great
    *Foregone – Adaptive Z only, still looks good at times.
    *11 Memories Retold G3d awful performance
    *Blue Fire – G3d subtle’ish great performance
    *Shattered Tale – Great G3D. performance rough, scale back settings and 3d resolution – try different profile than conarium
    *Viscerafest Early access g3d great
    *Project Warlock 1 G3d
    *Project Warlock 2 demo G3d
    *Dread Templar G3d
    *Project Downfall G3d
    *Fallen Aces demo – G3d great
    *Nightmare Reaper
    *Persona 5 – G3d
    *Neo The World Ends with you G3d great
    *Lonely Downhill mountain good g3d turn off shadows in settings to increase 3d gemoetry above 1.0 without incurring graphical oddittied
    *Lego Marvels avengers – seems to work good g3d
    *Feather great g3d harsh on performance
    *Haven excellent G3d seems solid performance too first scene
    *Liberated G3d weird didn’t test long works though
    *GetsuFumaDen g3d Works but minor 3d not sure doesn’t seem like much unfortunately

    *Blood Fresh Supply – based on your KEX engine profile for System Shock Enhanced – G3d :D

    Hoping upcoming KEX engine game works too. :D

    Really hoping one day Build engine games work. Most want to play Ion Fury in vorpx :D

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