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    I think it could be a good idea to make available a notifier for profiles.

    Before i start programming such a webservice i would like to ask you guys, would you care ?

    (the service would consist of a simple website near the inofficial vorpX list where you can enter or remove your email into/from a database from which i send notifications for profile updates. Each time a new profile or a profile update has been entered into the inofficial list, the notifier would be triggered.)


    Your website is superuseful when finding a profile for a new game yourself since I can see all games on same engine that have profiles (some from the list are absent from the cloud for whatever reason), but I dont think many people choose games to play based on “has a vorpx profile”, more like a person decides to play a game and then checks if that game has a profile on the cloud just in case.

    Though if considering replaying something ancient, I would go and check game list, but again that is not a use case for such website.

    I think what people would appriciate more is a website where you can enter your email and a game you want to see a profile for or search it from the list and vote to request a profile for it. Then when someone makes a profile for it – everyone who wanted it would be notified.

    This way you or anyone else interested in making profiles would know what to work on and people would be more satisfied than notification of every new game.

    Thought if you were to make such a website adding an option to notify of all new profiles would be just a bonus feature you can have at the same time.


    Really interesting, I’d subscribe to that kind of notifications for sure.

    A bit of useless brainstorming, but I’d love a VR SBS image viewer for Vorpx, i see that a ton of your profiles have SBS images, it would be great to have an image viewer that showed those in VR. The biggest issue to show people how good Vorpx looks is that people simply can’t actually see how cool vanilla games look in 3d and VR.

    If that kind of app could be uploaded to so that anyone could see Vorpx in action at least in screenshots, I bet a lot more people would be interested in Vorpx.


    You already can view SBS images with several supported apps. MPC-HC or VLC for example. Other non VorpX apps i know of: Whirligigg Free, DeoVR, GiszmoVR. 3D Vision had a nice browser plugin one called silverlight which sadly doesnt work anymore. I am not much up to date but perhaps there are easier to handle viewers where i can make an SBS profile for. Stereo Photo Maker (Free) also works with VorpX.


    This would be a usefull service for me.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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