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    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield Gold (DGVoodoo2 – G3D

    This is the first game of the Series that we can run in 3D, the older ones (DX6) probably work with DGVoodoo2 too, but only 2D.

    DGVoodoo2 required
    – patch game to v1.6
    – if game fails finding CD, copy (newer) exe from CD to game/system folder
    – Good 3D in all Modes
    – Full VR w. Headtracking, Cinema is default
    – Profile available at the cloud


    Goodday, sorry for bumping this now year old post, but I m not quite certain where else I should post this.

    After hours of testing and fiddling around with the basic profile settings, dgvoodoo2 dll files etc., I’ve come to the conclusion that the left and right eye appear to be displaying ‘virtually’ the same image, or the right eye image is ‘too similar’ to the one on the left. This effect is most notable for the first person weapon models in full 3D vr with geometry mode on, as they seem to kind of just be ‘pasted’ over the top of the screen, or free floating.

    Either that’s just the reality of VorpX (although I’ve had better results on games like STALKER), or this is something related to the renderer used, I don’t know, and I lack the knowledge to conclude if it’s VorpX, the archaic game, the renderer, or the headset.

    I’m using a samsung oddyssey+.

    Would you care to enlighten me?

    Thank you very much,


    DGVoodoo support must be understood as an experimental extra which can break at any time because the DGvoodoo dev changes his software all the time during development. The above profile requires DGVoodoo2 Any other version may not work. The profile has also been created with a slightly older VorpX version (somewhere around 19.x) and may also not work with the current version.

    I would suggest following EXACTLY the instructions above to get the game running in 3D. You alternatively can try different versions of DGVoodoo2 and/or even try different DGVoodoo2 profiles from the cloud for this game.Most of them are configured differently so one may work with another vorpx or driver version and vice versa. (Type DGVoodoo into the cloud search).

    The game has been tested with the original updated retail game. GOG, Steam ect. versions may not work at all.


    Not going to lie, I’m too dumb to figure out how to get the VORPX DGVoodoo2 profile to work, it never hooks into the game. I’ll just see if d owngrading to an older version will work.


    The DGVoodoo2 VorpX DEFAULT profile does work only with limited number of games. For each DGvoodoo2-game that i have created a profile for, you NEED to download the corresponding profile from the VorpX cloud.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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