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    This forum has a serois bug. It doesnt store post sometimes. like this one

    Ok i try again.

    Good news,
    Tomb raider (1-5) can be played nicely with VorpX if you use the Opengl Renderer called “Opentomb”. look here for several engines This software is free, though you need the original games. Installing is easy, follow the instructions in the readme of opentomb. You must copy a few files of the original games in certain folders. Most important is the autoexec.lua where you must set the first level of the game you want to play. Example: setgamef (5,1) stands for tomb raider 5, first level.
    I havent saved a game yet, but the 3D experience is great , just like is has to be. Perfect headtracking, you dont even need a certain VorpX profile.


    that`s very good News

    Thanks you RJK_


    Thank you.

    I just used this to play through all of the first Tomb Raider.
    I’ll probably start Tomb Raider 2 in the next few days.
    For anyone that comes along, you can change several different settings in autoexec.lua (which game to boot, etc) and config.lua (aspect ratio, fov, etc).


    Now you can play Tomb Raider 2+3 with DGVoodoo2 and VorpX


    When i was kid, i played Tomb Raider 3 and always imagined being in Laras House now i can :)
    Awesome :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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