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    Hi, i use the Cloud Profile of TWWH 2! It worked great in the beginning! But from one day to another, a few months or maybe a year ago, i sometimes have the feeling it started after a VorpX update, strange things are happening! One time i start the game and a battle there is 3d effect, and it looks absolutely great, and sometimes unrortunally most of the time ,theres no 3d effect. Let s say every 5 th attempt there is 3d effect. If i play a battle in 3d and after that, want to play another, suddenly in the next battle there s no 3d anymore. And no obvious reason why! I tried everything. I thought i had it fixes , when i was changing settings, cuz sometimes suddenly ther is 3d, but if i start another battle or restart the game, suddenly with same settings ther s no more 3d. Vorp X always hooks at Total War Warhammer 2 and i can always open the Vorp X menue with del. I really tried everything. Could anyone tell me why this could happen and what i could do? The game is so great in 3d, absolutely baeutiful!!!!!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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