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    I am loving the new VorpX!
    I haven’t played HL2 and Portal2 this much in ages!

    I’m struggling a bit configuring the Touch Controllers with Half Life 2 though.
    The Right Thumbstick rotation is too slow for use even when I max out it’s sensitivity.

    I have no issues with VR Sickness, so what I’m after is making it as effective as the Right Thumbstick when I’m using my Xbox360 controller.

    If I map rotation instead to the Shift/Grip modified stick, I struggle with actually using it in the game.

    Am I missing some magic step?


    If the max. sensitivity is not enough, you can raise the mouse sensitivity in the game, that will help. Per default the Touch controllers are in keyboard/mouse mode, so the rotation speed is linked to the game’s mouse sensitivity.

    If a game has gamepad support, you can also make the Touch controllers act as Xbox gamepad directly. For that you have to change the controller mode in the vorpX ingame menu.


    Cool. I’ll give that a go.

    Yeah, I’ve tried both Keyboard/Mouse and Gamepad mode with similar results. I didn’t know about the mouse sensitivity though.



    Thanks Ralf! That was exactly it.

    I put the mouse sensitivity to max in the HL2 options and it was so effective that I had to drop the VorpX mouse sensitivity to 10%! I’ll tweak the two and find settings that work for me, but I’ve got more than enough range now to find perfection.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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