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    Hi Ralf,

    looking forward to VorpX and would pre-order if I could, but I try to be patient.

    I was just wondering whether the head-tracking will also include TrackIR emulation as a feature, so you could tap in into hundreds of existing games supporting it right now. Would be nice to have it all in one driver bundle and not having to resort to FaceTrackNoIR to deliver the Rift’s sensor data over to the TrackIR API.

    Will you include it? Or at least consider it?

    And nice short interview in C’t magazine by the way ;)


    >> And nice short interview in C’t magazine by the way

    Except for the photo. Not that I look like George Clooney in reality, but this picture… ;)

    I will look into TrackIR emulation eventually, but I’m not sure whether there is a legal way to do this. AFAIK they have some measures in place that prevent emulation in a legally correct way.


    I can really sympathize – I avoid cameras wherever I can ;)

    As far as I know NaturalPoint imposes pretty draconic measures upon the licensees of their API. If you implement TrackIR in your game, no other tracking API may be implemented (granting them a monopoly on a per-game basis), the API itself is encrypted and all that. Not a very open or friendly licensing model.

    But, for the legalities, there might be a loophole – you cannot offer it working right out of the box in a commercial product because they might sue you but let’s say there is a module API in VorpX itself that will allow let’s say tracking i/o, the open source community will find a way to make a free module addon to VorpX that you are neither have to do the work for and are not legally responsible. Just make it open enough for a solution to be integrated into your product by some fellow enthusiasts if you know what I mean. ^^


    for the sake of all VR team up with TrackIR and sell together!!


    Let me up this topic. I got oculus and would like to play Mechwarrior online, but it does not support oculus from the box, instead it support trackIR.

    with trackIR you can freely move head inside cockpit, but if ones try to use vorpx – one can find out, that head tracking rotate torso instead of head.

    So Ralf, be so kind, emulate trackIR output from oculus tracking.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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