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    Since Star Citizen has got EAC some time ago, it’s no longer possible to use a profile with it. In this regard: why can’t we have profiles without hooking into the game, but displaying the game in a game specific desktop view (best with only capturing game window and not whole desktop)?

    Anyway, back to topic: I still like to play SC in VR, but am using Desktop Viewer (or Virtual Desktop tbh). I have a HP Reverb, so I would really appreciate to be able to use OpenXR, because it seems to be more performant than using Steam VR/ OpenVR. BUT: then I am loosing headtracking (via TrackIR), cause I still need OpenTrack to do that, so currently still am using Steam VR.

    As far as I understood VorpX does have a TrackIR emulation. But this is only usable if VorpX detects the game being able to use it, which it cannot when using Desktop Viewer (hence the first paragraph). Would it be possible to enable this TrackIR emulation in Desktop Viewer?


    vorpX automatically chooses the profile to apply depending on the application it is hooked into. I.e. if not hooked into a game, there is no way to tell what profile to select.

    I have the this matter already on the nice-to-have-list. Not as easy as it sounds unfortunately, the desktop viewer would have to be extended with some way to load profiles partially on top of its own. That’s not a trivial thing to implement. I can’t promise when (or even if) that actually will happen.


    Okay, understood. So there is still hope for game specific “desktop viewers”.

    What about having TrackIR-Emulation (to be applied via a switch/setting) in the current desktop viewer?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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