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    is there any profile I can use to get Tridef 3D games to work? I used to play Defense Grid in Tridef looks amazing. But I don’t see a profile for Vorpx.



    you can play the Games with TriDef3D in Vorpx Desktop Viewer Cinema Mod or also with full VR mode, just without positional tracking, but with Headtracking.
    But really important is, that the Games must be runned in “Windowed Mode” or “Borderless Windwowed Mode, otherwise you get an black screen.

    For that, you can use the Program “Borderless Gaming”

    The 3D from TriDef is like Geometry 3D when you set the “Power 3D” off mode in TriDef.
    Power 3D on = Z3D
    Power 3D off= G3D

    With “Flawless Widescreen” you can adjust the FOV.
    Then just play in Cinema Mode or Full VR Mode and set it to Side by Side.
    When you play in FULL VR Mode, then its highly recommended to adjust the FOV with Flawless Widescreen or with an FOV Mod when available.
    In Cinema Mode, its ok without then.


    Sorry I mean games that are supported by Tridef but don’t have a Vorpx Profile.

    Is there a common profile I can use. I don’t have actual Tridef. I bought it a long time ago but I can no longer use it because they went out of business.


    Hey I got it working! Using Vorpx Desktop. I got a working version of tridef 3d from reddit.

    I just started Vorpx Desktop and run Tridef from there.
    Running Defense grid Awakening in full geometry 3D. Looks glorious!


    Btw are you using Windows 10? I can’t get Tridef to work when games are in Windowed mode. But somehow I got lucky and Defense Grid works in full screen and Vorpx can see it. Most other games don’t.

    I added some line to the registry IgnoreFullscreenRequirement=1.
    Tridef still won’t hook in Windowed mode. Why does only Defense Grid work?


    nm looks like it’s a per game thing. Some games work other don’t.

    VRified Games

    Do you have a link to tridef?


    where do you find this registry entry?

    and what version of tridef still works in 2020

    what version of win 10 works for you

    and what video card and driver do you use


    OMG Are you serious?? Full VR with Tridef profiles?
    I still use Tridef, how would this work? Do you have a tutorial or something?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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