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    I’m having a few problems with the Trine games. All three of these games cause an error on startup. I can tab over to the error window and close the error for Trine 1 & 2 to start. The game will then play for a few minutes but ultimately crashes. If I manually save every time the mid level checkpoints occur, I can put off the crash for longer, but it still inevitably happens. Trine 3 will post the error on startup, but if I can get into the game there aren’t any crashes. The problem here is that if the error appears on or after the title screen, then tabbing over and closing the error crashes the game. If it appears prior to the title screen, I can close it and play in Trine 3 without issue. I’m unsure if the problems are related, but I have played other games without issue. I have all of these games through steam, and have disabled all overlays, and followed the advise in the Basic Troubleshooting thread as well- the errors and crashing persist. Any help is appreciated. Thank you –


    Pretty odd issue. I assume you are the one who wrote a mail about that a fews days ago? I’m still not sure what causes this issue, the crash on start occurs in the nVidia driver and it happens even with older vorpX versions that worked perfectly fine before with the Trine games, so ATM I’m a bit at a loss regarding this issue.

    No promises, but I’ll take a closer look shortly. Fingers crossed that I can find a workaround, but since it also happens with older versions that worked before I might end up having to remove the games from the officially supported games list.

    Edit: Found a way to work around the nVidia driver start crash. Something must have changed in recent nVidia drivers that triggered this issue since it occurs even with ages old vorpX versions that worked perfectly fine before. Anyway, the workaround will be included in the next vorpX.


    Yeah, I had emailed about this too. Thank you for taking a look at this, and for the prompt follow-up. Is there a targeted release date for the new version with the fix?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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