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    Hello fellas!

    I got many games runnin, yet TRINE 4 is the actual only title stuttering on virtual desktop..and it stutters like causing brain-cancer for christ sakes, wether on steams VR-Desktop, Bigscreen beta or vorpX, there seems to be a problem everywhere.

    While actually vorpX was handling it the best with less stuttering, for some reason it now just started to stutter around like a goddarn mofo.

    Tried all kinds of settings (vr as in-game) but this piece of sh!t game just refuses to run smoothly on VR-desktop.

    ….yes..i could play it on regular monitor, but since i am used to play games on bigscreens/virtual desktops, they re kinda wasting my time on this small 31inch monitor, so either i am gonna play this stupid game on VR, or not at all, lol.

    Probably someone could figure out wtf is going wrong with that game on VR, google also can t find anything.


    If by VR-Desktop you mean Virtual Desktop, I can run the game with it and haven’t encountered any stuttering. Maybe there’s something in your local configuration it doesn’t like.


    Yes i meant virtual desktop, well thanks Ogrescar.

    Weird that it seems to be just TRINE 4 for this moment, with the stuttering only appearing in my vr-goggles BUT NOT on the monitor (so the game itself actually isnĀ“t stuttering).

    Occasionally there also happens this: I move my head and the whole desktop all of the sudden starts moving as well, but just for a short moment before it sets itself back to its original place again, causing some slight dizziness for a short moment (happening as well only in TRINE 4 and no other game yet)

    Guess i am gonna look for certain programs in the background who probably cause this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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