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    Hello everyone,
    I regularly play on TruckersMP, it’s an external mod to euro truck simulator 2, which allows us to drive on servers with up to 1000 players!! In single player or in convoys, my oculus quest 2 works perfectly, but I can’t play on TruckersMP with vorpx. This external mod is not in the list. Can you do something about it?

    I followed a step by step tutorial on the only video that exists on youtube, but it doesn’t work for me.

    I use google Traduction sorry

    — In French —
    Bonjour à tous,
    Je joue régulièrement sur TruckersMP, c’est un mod externe à euro truck simulator 2, qui nous permet de roulé sur des serveurs allant jusqu’a 1000 joueurs. En simple joueur ou en convois, mon oculus quest 2 fonctionne parfaitement, mais je n’arrive pas à jouer sur TruckersMP avec vorpx. Ce mod externe n’est pas dans la liste. Pouvez-vous y faire quelques chose ?

    J’ai suivi un tuto pas à pas sur la seule vidéo qui existe sur youtube, mais cela ne fonctionne pas pour moi.



    Yo did u try this video, check discription for more instructions!

    please let me know if it worked i wanna buy vorpx too but no sure!



    Please read my message carefully…

    “I followed a step by step tutorial on the only video that exists on youtube, but it doesn’t work for me.”

    This video is the only one I found on youtube.

    Doesn’t work for me :(


    There are 2 profiles on the vorpX cloud labeled “eurotruck2.exe”. You could try one of those.

    To do this, open the vorpX configuration as shown in this video, and open the Cloud Profiles page. If you have created a cloud account you will be able to search for profiles in the top input box. Type “euro” and you will see the profiles listed below. Select eurotrucks2.exe profile and then click the button on the right labeled “Import profile”. Now this profile will be added to your Local Profiles list and vorpX should automatically attach to Eurotruck Simulator 2 when you launch the game.

    If the mod uses a different exe that has a name different from eurotruck2.exe, then you will need to add the new exe name to the profile. But I doubt this is the case here.


    Hello, sorry for the late reply, i will try this right away, thanks!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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