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    I think this can be extremely useful for VorpX users,especially when a game requires a different resolution then the default setting (1920×1080). We usually must do several clicks until we finally have changed the monitors resolution. Using high resolutions eg. 3200×2400 becomes very fiddly when changing back to default. So this can be a big and fast help.

    I am using the following setup to change to any custom resolution that i need with just one mouseclick.

    – Download This program
    – Unzip into a folder somewhere on your HD
    – In the same folder create a shortcut to the program
    – ADD your custon resolution to the end of the command line that it looks like this (example) C:\Games\setres\SetRes.exe v1920 h2560
    – Rename shortcut to 2560×1920
    – Rightcklick shortcut and click “Pin to Taskbar”
    – Do the above with any resolution you want to use
    – Click Taskbar->Start-> your shortcut to change Resolution

    Note this has been tested with Windows 7, but should work on 8/10 as well.


    I can imagine a few cases where that is useful, but for the most part you shouldn’t have to switch the desktop resolution before launching a game with high resolution – provided you have added the res in your graphics driver control panel and can select it in the game’s options.


    Hmm, true, not that many games require to equalize monitor and game setting, but for such cases it helps me a lot. When i want to start that one game may be 50 times a day (especially for testing and profile creation) and do some other work in beetween it saves me bunch of “clicktime”.

    Hope my posting didnt raise an impression like VorpX couldnt handle resolutions, just thought it could save some time for others as well.


    No worries, I just wanted to save you some unnecessary mouse clicks. Apparently I misread your post and thus thought you always do that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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