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    So in an act of desperation I bought this against my better judgement (which was scream NO DON’T Do IT)… This is not a beta product and you shouldn’t be charging for it. I will tell you why. And yes I am a bit hostile because if I pay for software I don’t expect these types of serious issues to happen.

    A: Skyrim (which I bought it for in the first place) is very narrow and I can’t figure out how to get it in full view. Everything is setup properly but no go.

    B: your controller overtakes the standard controls for skyrim AND WINDOWS!!!!!???? Were you a hacker who decided to go legit with this? I click on a file directory and it opens the entire directory all the sub folders like the days of win95.

    I try to open my browser it will only open in safe mode. Your program should never interfere with windows base operations. When I shut it all down it still does keeps messing with my keyboard and mouse. I totally would understand if you weren’t charging for it. BUT you are. So you get dissatisfied customers…

    C: The games I own on the games supported list that are suppose to work don’t even launch. Like fallout 3 (Vanilla) Metro last light and Shadows of Mordor (though I am not sure about that last one, I just wanted to see if it would run).

    This seems a bit like a con but Skyrim at least fires up… However it is totally unplayable due to your controller hijack. But it does actually run. Which is more than I can say for the 20 different ways I attempted to get it to run with a perception setup…

    And before there is a a ton of “BUT you can setup your keys” how bout if you actually label them in your menu clearly, instead of boxes with the keys and the controller buttons and NO WORDS!!! Do you expect me to use the force?.. I am a Jedi but reading someones mind months after the fact is the work of the Sith, probably Darth Plagus the wise could attempt it. Plus with the screen all scrunched up I can barely read your menus without eye bleed.

    Things that would make this a viable purchase are it running the games on the supported game list (seeing as how that is a promise) and that they run in full view with no controller hijack. And it not acting like a virus….

    Other than that it is pretty cool


    Skyrim is one of the most played games with vorpX. If you follow the steps mentioned in the game optimizer and in the vorpX startup message, it works very, very well (despite being a bit slow in Geometry 3D). The most important thing to do is setting the FOV to 120. Do this while you are in the game, not in the main menu. Otherwise it won’t work. You can also adjust the Skyrim UI and various other things in the vorpX ingame menu to make this game a more than worthwile VR experience.

    Controller: Not sure whether I fully understand your issue. Please disable your gamepad in the Skyrim options, you will still be able to use a gamepad since vorpX has a built in gamepad emulation. If for some reason you can’t get that to work, you can also use an external gamepad emulator like Xpadder or play with mouse and keyboard.

    If you have problems with multiple programs not hooking at all, there is almost certainly something on your PC that also tries to hook into games, creating a conflict with vorpX. Various kinds of programs can cause such a conflict, the trouble shooting guide in the help has a few hints in this regard.

    Hope that helps.


    Perfect example of someone who should never have bought a DK2. How many out there think the thing is plug and play?…Vorpx works very well for Skyrim. Edge Peek is essential with this game. You have to put a little time in for it to work well. Like Ralf said 120 fov. Others tweeks are important also. Research what others have done. My hydra works perfectly for controls. I can never go back to xbox controller. Would even go back to keyboard and mouse over xbox controller. Before ranting at least show you put some time into setting up things properly. Vorpx menu is easily readable in game..never heard that issue before. Clicking on the menu without firing your gun until empty is a problem bad for not changing to a knife.


    Dear Willypat,

    You sure resemble someone who actually has been ignorant on the rift forums under a similar situation (the scrunched up screen). In that case the person didn’t read my post either and assumed that for some reason I am not a developer…

    This is not about oculus…. so shut up…. My games run perfectly with no 3d third party drivers on the Dk2 guess what I developed them… I am totally a developer…. BUT I would like to see how other game run… And the problem maybe as Ralf just said that i have my controller turned on in skyrim…

    It will still not get full resolution AND it doesn’t exonerate the fact that my windows IDE bindings are being hijacked. AND it is not about DK2 it is about the purchase of Pre-Alpha software that is being pushed as beta (not that developers should charge for beta either) so stop being a Egotistical pull it out of your hole idiot.

    AND thank you ralf I will try it.


    Skyrim and Fallout work the best out of what I have tried. Your an advanced developer so making some adjustments in the menus should be easy for you. VorpX works great, if your not an idiot that is.


    Stereo3d gaming has never been easy. It has it’s own challenges. You should read all the official setup posts. With all games in Vorpx start by setting the FOV to 120 or the highest you can provided it is above 90 at least. Do this by ingame sliders, ini edits, console commands, the built in Vorpx game optimizer, Vorpx menu FOV adjustments, or programs like Flawless Widescreen or Widescreen Fixer. Since you are a developer you should be able to pick this stuff up very quick. In the Vorpx menu ingame try setting it to “Letterbox 2” I find that this combined with an FOV of 120 seems to eliminate any view distortion when looking around.

    Next you will need to tweak your mouse sensitivity til it matches your headtracking. There are a number of ways to do this whether through the vorpx menu, the game menu, inis, xpadder mouse emulation, or a combination of all the techniques til it fits.

    Then you need to set your graphics so you can maintain 75 fps at all times whether in combat or complex outdoor scenes. Use Z3D if you cannot maintain the framerates at the graphic detail you desire in Geo3d.

    If it sounds like a lot of work sometimes it can be, but once you have it all setup correctly games in Vorpx are the best experiances you can have in the Rift. Bioshock Infinite or Borderlands 2 in Vorpx blow any demo out on Oculus Share out of the water.

    For Skyrim and a gamepad it is better to just disable the 360 pad in Skyrim game menu and in the Vorpx ingame menu. Then use xpadder to map keyboard and mouse imputs to your 360 pad.

    Lots of people charge for beta access. That is Steam greenlight and any other early access game like Elite Dangerous. Id rather get a chance to use Vorpx now with updates here and there rather than wait for CV1 release a year from now.


    Another option I like to do to each game is remove the crosshair, most games a 3D crosshair makes my eyes hurt. Also try joy 2 key for controller set up. I use 2 move navigation controllers all mapped out for skyrim and other games. I’m working on an easy tutorial that will explain how to get it all working but its not to hard after you have it down.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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