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    Hi guys,

    Bought this couple days ago now and have tried it on lets say 4 supported games but neither work. Ive settled on trying to get Res Evil 3 to work, but it says attaching, the game loads on monitor but within my headser which is a index I get a blank box saying next up, usually itll be res evil 3 picture. When im trying to load the profiles, I click on res evil 3 which shows re3.exe in assigned programs but im not sure its applying it as when i presss apply theres no feedback from the button whatsoever. Ive had fatal errors when attaching and also and mainly the prrogram saying this could take awhile, if you feel the program has hanged then choose one of the following. Ive disabled all anti virus and all other programs in the list they say to disable, nothing helps. Any of you guys have a idea why this might be happening? Im on win 11, 32gb, 9900k and 3090

    Thankyou all so much



    maybe windows 11 issue ? i think Ralf said he tested vorpx with W11 and it was working fine, but i’m not 100% sure.

    what’s your antivirus exactly ? sometimes disabling antivirus is not enough, you actually have to completely uninstall it. i know it was the case for me with bitdefender something like 2 years ago, maybe it got fixed tho.

    do you use any monitoring tool ? which ones if so ? i know for sure, that msi afterburner, gpu-z are both working for me with vorpx.

    try reinstalling vorpx maybe ? when vorpx installs it also installs automatically some redistributable, maybe your install got messed up ? which i highly doubt, but you should reinstall maybe just to make sure.


    You don’t need to apply profiles. Profiles that show up in the ‘Local Profiles’ list are already loaded.

    Apart from that: If you can’t solve the issue after thoroughly going through the trouble shooting guide, please create a trouble shoot data archive in the vorpX config app (trouble shooting page) and send that to support at vorpx com. Maybe your logfiles/system config show anything that can help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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