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    I have a question if you don’t mind, what units (or similar) correspond to the G3D scale/strength and FOV enhancement sliders? I’m asking this because I’m having trouble converting for example 0.01 in the slider numbers to actual FOV degrees for precise adjusting, same with the G3D scale. Thanks for reading.


    Both are generic values.

    For the FOV enhancement it might be possible to switch to real world units. Slightly more complex than you probably think since various vorpX settings (e.g. Image Zoom) have to be factored in. But the required formula already exists and is used by DirectVR FOV calculations. Good idea to also use that for the FOV enhancement slider, I’ll think about that.

    Switching the 3D-Strength/Scale slider (that would be the distance between the virtual ‘eyes’) to real world units doesn’t really work though since for the majority of games only the game devs know exactly how game units translate to real world units. Exceptions are a few well documented engines, although even for those individual developers might have done things differently for their game. In case of official profiles an internal factor gets dialed in to ensure largely consistent behavior between games, but despite this effort using for example centimeters as a real world unit here would insinuate a level of precision that just doesn’t exist in most cases. Except for the exceptions doing so would mean trying to derive a precise value from an assumption, which inherently doesn’t really make sense.


    Thanks for the explaination, that clears up a lot of the unknowns I had about this; guess the best method will always be simply comparing the real world view vs the game and adjusting accordingly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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