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    Vorpx was working fine for me in every game

    Dirt 3
    Aliens vs predator 3
    Alien isolation
    Payday 2
    Far cry 3/4

    Then after the 0.9.1 version I got the error “unnable to initiate oculus runtime”, this was because the new driver invalidated every occulus runtime version below version 7.

    Now only Skyrim and Zombiu work.

    Updating to windows 10 made every game on steam and several others crash instantly upon starting, despite them working perfectly before the update to 0.9.1. and after several days of troubleshooting I am certain the problem is privilege related, to uncontingent framework dependencies, and those are basically just i/o. What really changed was not changed by me.

    Im guessing the reason you couldnt use clone screen but used direct to HMD is the same reason i am getting the crashes, because the process that simulates direct to hmd is what is malfunctioning.

    So I am instead forced to do a system restore to fix this, but the vorpx autoupdater is a pain, I have to be offline to use it.

    If there was an option to not update beyond a certain patch i would be very grateful, at the current time whatever features are added do not matter because i am unnable to run almost any games with them anyway.

    In windows 10 there is slight mouseacceleration which makes it unservicable for practising counterstrike unreal tournament or starcraft II at a competitive level, and i am not talking about the improved pointer precision feature.

    I would bore you with links and videos of how i can compete at any level with the occulus rift as the FOV inflation makes you extremely accurate (try it for yourself if you dont believe me!) but giving an alternative just for me and a couple of others who struggle with windows 10 is a longshot anyway.

    The reason i dont mind using direct to HMD is because i have gotten extremely good at running it, first i turn the HMD on, then i use launchy to start executibles using touch such as Vorpx, i never have to see them even open. For windows i close one eye and have perfect perception, i have to admit it was very difficult in the beginning and i understand the efficiency is much greater with the “Direct HMD access from apps” mode, but the compatability renders this useless for consumers that are not developers.

    Are you certain 0.9.1. works with the games i have listed?

    Either way vorpx is the best software for vr gaming, the customization perticularly with the real time IPD, 2d FOV and headtracking sensitivity was worth every penny i spent, when fully optimized i can play for days and not get motionsickness, so thank you deerly Ralf and the vorpx team.


    Windows 10 is the main dev platform since shortly after it was relased and is also used widely by users. Not all but many of the games in your list have been at least shortly tested here since then. OpenGL support (Amnesia, Penumbra) was even almost entirely developed on Windows 10.

    More importantly: the hooking mechanism hasn’t changed at all since 0.8. vorpX 0.9 hooks into games the exact same that vorpX 0.8 did.

    To prevent vorpX from updating, you can disallow internet access for vorpControl.exe using your firewall.

    You will need the Oculus runtime 0.7/0.8 for vorpX 0.9, no way around that. Earlier runtimes are already more or less obsolete and will soon be entirely forgotten. It’s impossible to support older versions of the runtime, sorry.

    Regarding Direct To HMD: personally I’m not too happy with the direct to hmd only decision either. It surely has many advantages in regard to easier setup, but there also are a few technical drawbacks, especially in regard to Non-DX11 games. So it would have been nice to still have extended mode as fallback.

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