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    Works great! But you probably don’t want to play a long set of deathmatches in it. Like waking up with bed spins with DK2. Too much spinning, jumping and falling I guess. Gonna go throw up now. ;-)


    At least post how it works and what you did to enable it


    UT3 is awesome in VR! Here is a instruction how it works best for me.

    There is no vorpx 3D option aviable regulary. You have to change UT3.exe to MirrorsEdge.exe . Now you can select Geometry 3D and Direct VR in the ingame vorpx configuration. Set your resolution to 1600×1800 or 1440×1920. Both works good for me. You can enable this via Nvidia custom resolution setting (inside Windows System Settings) and after this change the UTengine.ini (… my games/documents/Unreal Tournament 3/UTGame/Config..) ResX=1440 ResY=1920. Create an ingame UT-Account even for offline game. You need this to save your ingame settings. Otherwise you have to change it on every restart manually. Set the HUD-Size to 6-7. Disable all HUD stuff you dont need.

    Vorpx ingame settings:

    3D-Strenght/ Scale: 1.30
    Game HUD Scale: 0.55
    Game HUD Horizontal: 0.70
    Game HUD Depth: 0.80

    Dont forget the Direct VR Scan and Recenter Headtracking on start at the first stage.

    All other stuff works out of the box for me.

    If after a while you ingame suddenly only can see a blackscreen but can open vorpx configuration just as normal and the game sound goes on… – Turn off Crystal Image in vorpx menu.

    Suddenly Headtracking dont work? – Restart UT3 or just turn Direct VR off.

    You hate the UT-move-bobbing in VR? – Open UTgame.ini and change Bob=0.010 to Bob=0.000 and bWeaponBob=true to bWeaponBob=false.

    Have fun guys! :)


    Dear God. Geometry 3D and DirectVR?

    I love this game.


    Great find, have to try this right away. An official profile with some extra fixes would be great.


    Runs unbelievably well!

    I am using the Steam Black Edition. I have a GTX 1080. Running this in 1920 x 1440, fluidsync off, vsync off, direct VR

    I found that setting the G3D Shadow Treatment to Auto (other values may work too) fixes the incorrect 3D shadowing of character models (one eye sees dark shadow on models, other doesn’t).

    Again, runs amazingly well! I suggest anyone try this game if you have it. Runs so close to native VR it’s scary. Can’t wait to try other UE3 games now.

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