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    Been using vorpx with skyrim se, works great (with direct vr otherwise nausea).

    Through the different versions I had several attachment issues. Older versions made the mouse cursor disappear in several programs (putting a program on the exclude list made no difference). The newest version is struggling to attach itself to anything starting up even when the program is on the excluded programs blacklist (vmware) resulting in long tries and error messages.

    Personally I would prefer to use a white list in stead of a black list if that option would not be not too hard to make.


    If vorpX still attaches to a program that you put on the exclude list, you did not add the correct .exe to the list. Programs may use a launcher for example and then start another .exe. In a such a case both .exe files have to be added to the list.

    Alternatively you can simply pause the vorpX watcher while you do other things (right click menu of the tray icon).


    Bottom line for me is that there is no end to the nagging from vorpx messages wich go accompanied with system slow downs and are rarely definitively dismissed by the exclude button. Maybe I have a strange taste in non game software.
    Overall bottom line is that vorpx works great when I DO need it and I admire immensely what is achieved with the software but no amount of rationalizing can make the other issue go away.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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